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From glitter teeth to tooth jewellery: 4 more teeth trends

What won’t we do for likes in the modern age? From putting glitter on our tongues to charcoal on our teeth, we look at the latest four teeth trends.
From glitter teeth to tooth jewellery - 4 more teeth trends Notting Hill dentist Number 18 Dental

As dentists, we’ve seen our fair share of disturbing sights! But perhaps the worst offenders aren’t the results of neglected teeth and gums, but the things people voluntarily do to their teeth. Here are some of the latest teeth trends. Tooth jewellery No, we don’t mean necklace charms shaped like […]

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All I want for Christmas is…coal? The truth behind the teeth-whitening fad

You might have seen charcoal teeth whitening kits and toothpastes online and in-store. But do these work and are they dangerous?
All I want for Christmas is coal - Notting Hill dentist

Heard the one about the woman who used charcoal to whiten her teeth? It sounds like the opening to a bad Christmas cracker gag, but unfortunately, it isn’t! Activated charcoal – a reheated and oxidised form – is one of the latest beauty fads being touted to give you a whiter […]

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Want to transform your teeth? Here’s how

How our teeth look can seriously affect our self-esteem. But if you’ve had dental problems in the past, there are procedures that can help you regain confidence in your smile.

Over a quarter of people don’t like smiling because of how their teeth look. Whether it’s bad habits, years of neglecting your dental hygiene or you were born with misaligned teeth – your smile can really affect your confidence. If you’re less than enamoured with your enamels, there are some […]

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What are teeth whitening pens?

If you're keen to use the latest products to keep your smile bright and healthy, you might have seen whitening pens popping up on the shelves. But what are they and do they really work?

Simply rubbing out the stains on your teeth sounds too good to be true. Right? Well, teeth whitening pens which seem to promise to do just that have recently been making a huge splash in the UK dental market. You might have seen these sold separately or as part of […]

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Are you dreaming of a white smile for Christmas?

Is there a natural way to get whiter teeth in time for Christmas? Number 18 Dental has the lowdown.

A white Christmas might be unlikely in Notting Hill, but you can get a whiter smile to show off in those family Christmas photos. But is there a way to get whiter teeth naturally? We explore the options. Teeth whitening toothpaste Some teeth whitening toothpastes and chewing gums can help […]

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Pucker up for International Kissing Day

Whether you’re already involved or you’re looking for The One – we’ll show you how to make your mouth irresistible this International Kissing Day!

Pucker up! This year, International Kissing Day falls on Wednesday 6 July. That means there’s still time to show your teeth some TLC ahead of a romantic getaway – or even just a night in with the latest boxset! Flash those pearly whites Want to dazzle your date with a […]

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Safe teeth whitening saves smiles!

There’s nothing better than a pearly white smile and that dentist-clean feeling. But a lot of people are bypassing the dentist and risking their smile in the process. Don’t let it be you.

Who doesn’t want a dazzling white smile? Perfectly white teeth can improve your self-esteem, rid your mouth of unsightly stains and command professionalism at work. And at Number 18 Dental, we pride ourselves on offering our patients safe and legal teeth whitening. But if you’re looking to get your teeth […]

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Will you commit to #WOHD16?

World Oral Health Day is just around the corner, so if your new year’s resolution is long gone, now’s the time to make a fresh start for your teeth and gums

Children, adults and dentists across the globe will be taking part in activities on Sunday 20 March to raise awareness of World Oral Health Day. Healthy mouth. Healthy body. A staggering 90% of the world’s population will suffer from oral health diseases in their lifetime. Whether that’s tooth decay, gum […]

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The 5 beauty tips to make your teeth appear whiter

There are a number of teeth-brightening makeup tricks you can adopt into your beauty regime to help create an illusion of a healthy, whiter smile.

Maintaining a good dental hygiene routine will help you to keep your teeth and gums healthy and prevent the discolouration that develops from the ingredients in dark food and drinks such as coffee. We have previously discussed five natural teeth whitening remedies which you can follow to help your smile […]

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The 5 natural teeth whitening remedies

It's not a myth that dark foods and drinks stain your teeth. Repeat offenders including red wine and coffee are often pushed into the forefront as the poster products for dull, discoloured teeth.

It’s not a myth that dark foods and drinks stain your teeth. Repeat offenders including red wine and coffee are often pushed into the forefront as the poster products for dull, discoloured teeth. And the detrimental effects of smoking to not only your teeth but overall health are widely discussed […]

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