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How to get through Dechox

The British Heart Foundation’s campaign to get people to give up chocolate during March is a great health initiative for the heart and the teeth! But that doesn’t mean it’s easy…
how to get through Dechox - Notting Hill dentist Number 18 Dental

An average milk chocolate bar has around 23g of sugar in it and 13g of fat. It’s little surprise that the British Heart Foundation encourages us to Dechox every March! But if you’re one of the thousands of people who take part in BHF’s Dechox, just how do you get […]

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Is a paleo diet good for teeth?

If you’re embarking on a paleo diet for the new year, then do you still need to visit a dentist? We have the low down…
Is a paleo diet good for teeth - Number 18 Dental Notting Hill dentist

It’s a new year, and likely over the festive period you’ve been thinking about how to make healthier choices. For many, that means going on a diet, and one of the most popular is the paleo diet – also known as the Caveman diet. What is a paleo diet? A […]

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